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Documents, Needs, and Proof of Funds for a Canada Student Visa

Documents, Needs, and Proof of Funds for a Canada Student Visa

Are you planning to check abroad in Canada? If so, you’ll must apply for your study permit, also generally known as a student visa. A Canada student visa allows someone to enter Canada as a student. Your study permit itself will likely be issued on arrival, allowing you to check full-time at a designated learning institution (or DLI) in Canada. To be eligible, you have to be enrolled in a study program listed under the Canadian government’s Designated Learning Institution (DLI) list. You must apply for a student visa before travelling to Canada, and you have to have all of the essential documents gathered (and translated, if needed!), like a Statement of Purpose and proof of funds for a Canada student visa before applying.

Below, we’ll break down study permit application requirements and go over what Canadian border services officers (AKA Canadian visa officers) check for. Depending on where you travel from, your requirements may vary. Also, study permit guidelines and requirements are subject to vary. For these reasons, we propose you not sleep to this point. You can do that by checking the Government of Canada’s international student resources. The Government of Canada’s website is the official source of information for students who want to check in Canada.

Note: In addition to your study permit, you have to also obtain a temporary resident visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA). Thankfully, that is incorporated into the applying process, so that you’ll more than likely receive one routinely just by applying for your study permit.

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Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

If you continue to must select your program and institution, it’s time to try this. Once you have got chosen your program, your college or university must send you an official letter of acceptance (LOA). You must include the unique LOA along with your student visa application.

Students who will study in Québec must also apply for a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (Certificate of Acceptance to Québec, or CAQ). Most temporary foreign employees and students who intend to reside in Québec require a CAQ.

An illustration of a red passport, signifying what Canadian visa officers check for.

Proof of Identity for Canada Student Visa

You must submit a valid passport or travel document, in addition to two recent passport-size photos. Please include your name and date of birth on the back of each photos. Also, it is best to have a minimum of one blank page in your passport for your student visa to go on.

If you have got relations travelling to Canada with you, each member can be required to submit their application. If possible, we recommend applying for your visas together, to stop delays. Adults and children could have different requirements. These documents must allow you and your loved ones to return to your property country.

Illustration of a blue pencil case.

Purpose of Visit

This is your opportunity to share why you would like you come to Canada: to boost your education. You may have to share certain details or supporting documents inside this step, corresponding to your past education credentials, work experience, profession plans and progression, and a language proficiency test. Accepted language proficiency tests include IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE, amongst others.

Hands with a gold coin above it, illustrating proof of funds for a Canada student visa.

Proof of Funds for Canada Student Visa

You should have the financial capability to support yourself, and your relations if applicable. This can also be known as proof of funds for Canada student visa, or proof of financial support. Learn more about how one can assemble your proof of financial support on our blog.

You can prove you have got the financial capability to afford your international studies in Canada with:

  • A letter of support out of your parents, other relations, or your school
  • Current bank statements (requirements vary, but from throughout the last six months are best)
  • Balance certificates
  • Proof of a Canadian checking account in your name
  • Documentation of a student loan and/or scholarships
  • Proof of tuition and housing payments
  • Sources of income of your financial sponsor, if applicable.

Note that the minimum financial requirement to check in Canada has increased as of 2024. You’ll need to point out you have got access to not less than C$20,635, along with your travel costs and first 12 months of tuition, with the intention to receive your study permit.

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A hand holding a pen writing on a piece of lined paper, representing a statement of purpose for a Canadian visa.

Letter of Explanation or Statement of Purpose for Canadian Visa

Part of what Canadian visa officers check for when deciding to grant you a Canadian student visa is your letter of explanation or statement of purpose. This letter must help the person reading your application understand why you’re coming to Canada. It’s a possibility to elucidate why you need to study in Canada, and what makes you a great candidate for your program.

It’s necessary to acknowledge the responsibilities of a global student as well. If you have got a gap in your studies, low grades, or have chosen a different program than your previous area of education, the Statement of Purpose included in your Canadian study permit application is where you possibly can explain your rationale. 


An illustration of a yellow map.

Ties to Your Home Country

Though you won’t need to connect a separate document, you’ll must fill out this section within the study permit application. Here, you have to show your economical and emotional incentive to return to your property country after graduation. Think of things like your loved ones, any property you own or rent, investments, or similar ties.

An illustration of travel documents, including proof of funds for a Canada student visa, as an example of what Canadian visa officers check for.

Personal Documents

You may have to incorporate additional documents, depending on the necessities of your country. You could have to offer the next:

  • Biometrics
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

Important Note: Are any of your required documents not written in English? You’ll need to incorporate a full translation of those documents, in addition to the name and contact information of your translator.

All information sourced from the Government of Canada.

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