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Find Job-Demand Study Options with Program Tags

Find Job-Demand Study Options with Program Tags

International students and recruitment partners all around the globe use ApplyBoard’s intuitive, AI-powered search engine to easily find study programs, research, compare, and apply. This helps them find the right program fit to best match their unique study abroad dreams.

Today, we’re pleased to introduce a new and important feature that supports students in finding the most suitable programs. And maximizes student potential by matching them to fields experiencing labour shortages.

We’re proud to share our latest search feature: Program Tags, now live on ApplyBoard. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new update.

Program Tags Revolutionize the Search Experience

With new Program Tags, we’re empowering students to get it right from the start.

These visually distinct tags appear on each program card in ApplyBoard search results, making it easy for users to find the right information and programs in seconds. All it takes is a glance.

A GIF showing how new Program Tags work in the ApplyBoard platform search engine.

Now, students can kickstart their application journey by choosing from tailored program suggestions right away, without hours of time-consuming research.

  • No more choosing programs without understanding job demand—the new High Job Demand tag helps students quickly find fields of study with higher-than-average job availability in Canada. No other platform makes this information easily accessible to students, meaning this feature alone is one of massive importance.
  • No more risk of missing out or applying blindly—our new Program Tags help students find and choose the study program that aligns best with their study and post-graduation goals.
  • No more unpleasant last-minute surprises—our tags help minimize risk by providing clarity upfront, ensuring a smoother application process.

For example: the No Visa Cap tag only appears on programs which aren’t affected by Canada’s recently announced study permit cap.

The Top tag shows off programs from highly-ranked institutions, based on both ApplyBoard data and external data points.

And, for the first time ever, ApplyBoard users can quickly find fields of study with higher-than-average job availability in Canada, thanks to the High Job Demand tag (based on data sourced from the Canadian Occupational Projection System).

This is important data that students want and need to know. ApplyBoard’s goal is to make information as clear and accessible as possible to students so they can make the most informed decisions possible for themselves and their families.

Have you used our search engine yet? Learn more about the ApplyBoard platform’s AI-powered Student Search.

An illustration of blue, yellow, and pink gears.

Use These Program Tags to Guide Your Search

As of March 6, 2024, these Program Tags have been integrated into the ApplyBoard search engine. Look out for more updates in the near future, including additional tags coming to our platform soon.

  • High Job Demand: programs related to industries which may have higher-than-average job availability in Canada, based on data sourced from the Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS).
  • Popular: popular programs, based on the most recent three years of application history. For the best chance of success, users can check the success prediction score before applying.
  • Top: programs from a high-quality or highly-ranked institution, based on both ApplyBoard data and external data points.
  • Prime: programs that are exclusively available to ApplyBoard partners, or which may be partially exclusive.
  • Loans: programs which may be eligible for a student loan through ApplyBoard loan partners.
  • Incentivized: programs which may provide application discounts or special offers.
  • No Visa Cap: programs which are unaffected by Canada’s study permit cap or provincial attestation letter requirement.

By paying attention to these tags, students and recruitment partners can gain immediate insight into a program, helping them select the right program from the start.

Users can even use Advanced Filters to select multiple tag options, customizing their search results to show only the programs matching their desired criteria.

These features empower both our recruitment partners and students throughout their application journey. By equipping them with the necessary tools, we enable informed decision-making backed by real, up-to-date data.


We believe students shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to their dreams. This exciting update, part of our commitment to constant product improvement, helps ensure we can most effectively match students with the programs that will best prepare them for future success.

Ready to get started with ApplyBoard? Register for your free student account, or explore our search right here (no profile needed).


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