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Quiz: Which Career Is Best for You?

Quiz: Which Career Is Best for You?

Thinking about which profession is correct for you? Choosing a field of study is not any easy feat, and it may be difficult to know where to start, especially for those who’re planning on studying abroad as a global student. If you’re wondering which profession is best for you, we’ve created a quiz to aid you make the primary move! This quiz could be an important start line for self-reflection and exploration, where your preferences, skills, and personality are considered. 

Ready? Grab a pencil and record your answers to every query. If you may’t find a solution that matches your situation, no sweat! Just select one which’s most similar. Let’s start!

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1. How do you often prefer to spend your days?

a) I prefer to be outdoors or move my body every time I get the prospect. You can often find me mountaineering, going to the gym, or spending time in nature.

b) I’m a people person, and I really like spending time with family members. I recurrently meet up with friends, attend classes, or volunteer in my community.

c) I really like having projects where I could be creative. You’ll almost certainly find me writing, drawing, or playing music in my spare time.

d) I typically prefer solo activities and prefer to learn or test out concepts in my spare time. I’ll often be reading, researching, or exploring latest ideas.

e) I’m all the time on the go and am more open than most to trying latest things. So, find me starting a latest hobby, catching up on the most recent news, or planning an event.

An illustration of a female student holding a book, representing different learning styles in fields of study.

2. When learning latest things, which approach do you favor?

a) Learning through real-life experiences, workshops, or practical activities.

b) A combination of classroom learning, hands-on learning, and workshops.

c) Self-paced learning, with a give attention to creativity and private expression.

d) In-depth research, and taking time to grasp different features or theories around an idea.

e) Fast-paced, on-the-job learning with opportunities for continuous growth.

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An illustration of two friends having drinks and popcorn on the couch, representing how people like to spend their time, represented by fields of study.

3. How do you wind right down to calm down after a busy day?

a) I prefer to do some light exercises or meditation.

b) I unwind by reflecting on my day with family and friends or watching a movie.

c) I turn to creative activities, like painting, listening to calming music, or journalling.

d) I reflect on my day and complete a puzzle or make amends for my book.

e) I’ll probably work on a project, or exit to a latest bar or restaurant with friends.

An illustration of a female construction worker holding a clipboard, representing different fields of study.

4. What is your ideal work environment? 

a) Outdoors, surrounded by nature, or in a dynamic social setting. 

b) A collaborative office space with diverse teams and a friendly atmosphere.

c) A combination of calm and excitement, where I can engage with others but additionally have time for myself.

d) A piece environment that’s orderly and wealthy in history and tradition, where I can work by myself more often than not. 

e) A quick-paced and energetic workplace that’s all the time evolving, where I actually have the pliability to tackle different roles. 

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Illustration of woman thinking about which career is right for her.

5. When making an enormous life decision, what’s your decision-making process? 

a) I don’t overthink things and go together with what makes probably the most sense to me.

b) I prefer to seek the advice of with friends, family, or mentors to contemplate all my options.

c) I hearken to my inner voice and likewise consider all of my values and passions.

d) I are inclined to research extensively, gather information, and approach situations analytically.

e) I make quick decisions based on gut feelings and am very adaptable to alter.

An illustration of a paint brush and pallet, representing which career is right for students.

6. What kinds of tasks do you enjoy?  

a) Hands-on tasks, outdoor projects, or anything that involves physical activity.

b) Projects that require collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving.

c) Tasks that allow for self-expression, storytelling, or creativity.

d) Research-based tasks, or analyzing data.

e) Fast-paced projects with a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. Never been done before? Can’t be done? That won’t slow me down.

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Two students having a conversation

7. When you’ve gotten a misunderstanding with a friend, how do you take care of it?

a) I give it some thought while going for a walk or run, and suggest going out for lunch to speak things over.

b) I actually have an open conversation telling them about my perspective and asking about theirs.

c) I’ll reflect on it by journalling or creating art and have a heart-to-heart about it.

d) I reflect on the aspects which will have caused it and ask them questions, or do a little analysis to learn more.

e) I’ll attempt to make it as much as them, and determine a latest system or approach to learn more.

An illustration of a stack of books, representing which career is right for student.

8. How do you handle problems at work?  

a) I approach challenges optimistically and enthusiastically.

b) I tackle challenges with a mix of teamwork and individual effort.

c) I face challenges with a positive attitude and take a look at to search out unique solutions.

d) I like to research challenges thoroughly and dive into logical investigations.

e) I thrive under pressure and have a look at challenges as opportunities for growth.

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Ready to search out out which profession is correct for you? 

If you bought…  

Mostly As: If you bought mostly As, chances are high you’re feeling at home with nature and have a holistic approach to health and wellness. Congratulations! As for which  profession is best for you, you would possibly find your calling in fields of study like Environmental Science, Adventure Tourism, or Fitness and Wellness.

Mostly Bs: “B” might as well stand for  “Balanced” and “Boisterous”! You’re a collaborative and amiable individual, and might do well in careers or fields of study like Nursing, Business Management, Psychology, or Project Management

Mostly Cs: If you bought mostly Cs, you then’re almost certainly a creative type! You shine whenever you get to precise yourself through art. If this appears like you, consider fields like Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Film and Media Studies, or Psychology when finding which profession is correct for you.

Mostly Ds: Most of your answers match up with Ds? If so, meaning that you just’re likely an analytical person, and see the main points in things others might miss! In regards to which profession is best for you, you is likely to be an important match for Engineering, Mathematics, Science, or Historical Research fields of study.

Mostly Es: If you’ve gotten mostly Es, you prefer to move and explore! Wonder which profession is correct for you? You might find your calling in careers or fields of study in Entrepreneurship, Technology, Marketing, or STEM-related fields that require adaptability and quick pondering. 

We hope this quiz helped you begin excited about the way to incorporate your preferences, skills, and personality right into a future profession. Your results might offer you a way of which profession is best for you. Regardless of which profession is correct for you, we wish you the perfect of luck in your academic and skilled journey!

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