UQ Scholarships 2022 in Australia

UQ Scholarships 2022 in Australia

UQ Scholarships 2022 in Australia

Get started your study in Australia. that is a piece of good news. Queensland University is currently opening a scholarship application. The purpose of this post is that describe some detail about scholarship programs and their benefits step by step.

Queensland University offers a scholarship program for international students. Queensland University Scholarships are provided for masters and undergraduate studies.

QU offers more benefit scholarship programs international students can enroll in their favorite subjects. Multiplicity and inclusion are important values at UQ, and the university encourages applications from various candidates. Public research university located in Brisbane, Australia, the University of Queensland offers a wide range of academic programs. QU was founded in 1909 and it was the fifth oldest university in Australia.

Details UQ Scholarships 2022

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate and Masters’s program
  • Institution(s): Queensland University Australia
  • Study in: Australia
  • Opportunity Focus Areas:
    •  Architecture program, Design and Urban Planning, Computer Science and information technology, Engineering (For EAIT International Award – Year 12)
    • Architecture, Planning and Design, Science and Mathematics programs (Science International Scholarships)
  • Program Period: 1 year
  • Deadline:
    • Scholarship open from 8 August 2022.
    •  for EAIT International Award – Year 12 open 8 August 2022,
    • for Science International Scholarship 8 August 2022,

Scholarship Benefits

Queensland university offers scholarship

Science International Scholarship:

  • Scholarship value $3,000.
  • Scholarship recipients must complete the obligations outlined above, as applicable, prior to receiving payment.
  • UQ will pay scholarship winners in the first semester.
  • The payment will be made into the present Australian bank account of each recipient.

EAIT International Award

  • A total of $10,000 will be awarded to the recipient’s degree-related expenses.
  • On the date of their first two semesters of study, i.e. 31 March or 31 August, a $5000 fee will be deposited to the student’s UQ account.

Eligibility Criteria 

The following requirements must be required in order to qualify for the Queensland University Scholarship for International Students;

  1. Required Languages: English Language
  2. Eligible Countries: All countries

Science International Scholarship

  •  An international student is present in Australia.
  • The program is not open to those students who enrolled in non-award, study abroad, or exchange programs.
  • All the documents must be required for a scholarship in QU submitted by the closing date of the scholarship.
  • You have strong Academic performance for applying to QU programs.
  • Enrolled at UQ for the first semester.
  • You are not applicable for these scholarships if you are already enrolled at UQ and want to change programs.
  • The program is not open to those students who enrolled in non-award, study abroad, or exchange programs.
  • The scholarship winner must be;

UQ offer letter.

Complete the program of study as successful as soon as possible.
As scholarship winners, they must be attached to UQ publishing their name, photo, and degree program name.
If you would like your reference and photo to be published, please provide them.

EAIT International Award

  • Fee sponsorship is not available.
  • International student.
  • Enroll as a full-time student in undergraduate engineering, architecture, or information technology program.

What is the application process?

International Science Scholarships:

  1. Using this link, you can log in to an official UQ undergraduate or postgraduate program directly with The University of Queensland.
  2. Receive your UQ Student ID Number and an offer.
  3. Complete your Science International Scholarship online application form here.
  4.  Submit your application form by 5 pm (AEST) on the scholarship closing date.

EAIT International Award – Year 12:

Using the online application form.

The personal statement should explain:

  • A scholarship will help you with choosing a program for studying.
  • You can also include information about any relevant activities that may support your application.


For more information visit the official website of Queensland University Scholarships :

Queensland University Scholarships, click here


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